About us

We are seasoned Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with international experience across many industries.

Through part time on-site presence, we become a working member of your company’s executive management team, involved in creating business and e-business opportunities supported by the deployment of existing and emerging technologies.

We have assisted companies in various areas, such as:

  • Implementing ERP packages, improving:
    • Customer service
    • Inventory management
    • Manufacturing control
  • Facilitating telecommuting through:
    • Implementing VOIP telephony
    • Remote access
  • Developing custom web based applications 

 We help our customers establish a solid I.T. base that supports stability, efficiencies and growth.

Meet our team

Igal Volach, MBA

Founder, CEO

Igal has applied his strong leadership, analytical and practical problem solving skills across many industries and varying cultural environments.

Igal is driven by a passion to improve business operations through sensible deployment of current and emerging technologies.  This passion has led to many successful improvement at large and small organizations alike.  

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