Lead your I.T. team

As the leaders of your I.T. team, we become the I.T. champions within your organization:

  • Develop I.T. strategy
  • Manage I.T. budgets
  • Propose business process improvements
  • Educate and mentor the your I.T. group
  • Improve I.T. support levels
  • Develop I.T. policies and governance structure to mitigate risks, reflect corporate goals, and encompass industry best practices
  • Promote the I.T. role with your business operations

Technical Support

Provide technical support for:

  • Communications
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Networks
  • VOIP telephony

Lead new I.T. projects

We help you maximize the outcome of I.T. projects by:

  • Initiating new projects as required to support business objectives
  • Establishing project teams (internal and external)
  • Overseeing the projects to their successful completion
  • Ensuring the projects are delivering the expected business goals

Process improvements

We help you improve your business processes by:

  • Mapping existing processes
  • Identify core problems
  • Identify the business processes which can be optimized
  • Design the improved processes and solve core problems, considering available and new I.T. capabilities
  • Lead the implementation through successful completion.