At DSC, Igal was a pragmatic business partner to operations and the senior management team.  He was able to anticipate the technology needs of a fast growing company to ensure that the appropriate systems and people were in place as the company grew.  His strong communication skills allowed him to communicate highly technical solutions and strategies into terms that the operations folks could understand and embrace.  Igal was able to build and manage a strong team of professionals that provided a high level of customer  service and support to the Company.   Above all, Igal understood the importance of uninterrupted service delivery of the Company’s infrastructure and systems and strove to deliver effective and excellence in his business deliverables
Anna Dawyd, Director of Finance
Igal can make the technical side of a web based application simple enough for a marketer to understand. He is able to react to changing market conditions with new adaptations and creative solutions  – all without breaking a sweat. Igal is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
Leslie Krueger, V.P. Marketing
“I have worked with Igal for over five years and during that time Igal continuously provided exceptional strategic vision on technology projects.  Igal has the ability to manage projects with strong leadership and a clear understanding of the value of the project to the business.  Igal has also demonstrated the ability to lead internal and external teams by establishing clear goals and objectives”
Kevin Walker, CTO and Partner, Agora Consulting Partners Inc